An ongoing workshop programme and two major productions per year as a platform for the creative skills of young people aged 12-21 resident in Shetland.
Completed whilst working for Shetland Arts.
A logo mark for Future Content which is ever-changing and regenerates so it’s never the same twice. This idea reflects the type of work Future Content are producing.
Shetland Arts and Crafts' quality assessed members offer a unique range of woodcraft, knitwear and textiles, fancy goods, fashion and home accessories, gifts, and fine art.
Mareel is the UK’s most northerly creative centre operated by Shetland Arts Development Agency.
During my work as Graphic Designer at Shetland Arts, I was placed into the design team at Micha Weidmann Studio, London to develop a unique and contemporary brand and identity for this major new arts venue.
Shetland Wool Week. Seven days dedicated to celebrating the wool of Britain’s most northerly native sheep, and Shetland’s textile industries and rural farming communities.
Fiddle Frenzy is Shetland Arts’ week long Fiddle School and celebration of traditional Shetland musical culture.
Completed whilst working for Shetland Arts.
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